Reading the Lighting Facts Label

The Lighting Facts label is required on the majority of light bulb packaging, providing a handy reference for making the most energy-efficient choice.

Example of a Lighting Facts label
A: Light Output/Lumens

Measures light output. The higher the number, the more light is emitted.

B: Energy Costs

Estimated annual energy cost of each bulb included in the package based on the average initial wattage, a usage rate of 3 hours per day, and 11 cents ($0.11) per kWh.

C: Bulb Life

The life of each bulb included in the package, expressed in years rounded to the nearest tenth (based on 3 hours operation per day).

D: Light Appearance

Measures light color. “Cool” colors give off a crisp, bluish light and have higher Kelvin temperatures (3,600-5,500K); “warm” colors give off a soft, yellowish glow and have lower Kelvin temperatures (2,700-3,500K).

E: Energy Used

The wattage for each bulb included in the package, expressed as “Energy Used” in average initial wattage.

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