Look for the ENERGY STAR® to save big.
Light bulbs that have earned the ENERGY STAR label meet strict energy efficiency and quality requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They’re built to save energy—and that saves you money.

50,000 hours of light requires:

42 incandescent bulbs =


Electricity =


Total cost =


Line of 42 incandescent bulbs

5 CFL bulbs =


Electricity =


Total cost =


Line of 5 CFL bulbs

1 LED bulb =


Electricity =


Total cost =


A single LED bulb

Taking on a bigger project? Visit Lighting Patterns for Homes from the Lighting Research Center to calculate how much you can save.

The price of LED and CFL bulbs continues to decrease. All bulb prices are approximate, based on a rough average of what you could expect to pay. Sources:,

“50,000 hours” represents the expected operating lifespan of a single LED bulb. The graphic shows how many incandescent and CFL bulbs it would take to achieve the same duration of service. All three bulbs are 60 watt equivalent.

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